About me

Hi there, I'm Gilbert Tanner, a Software and Electronic Engineer from Klagenfurt, Austria.

Gilbert Tanner
Hi there, I'm Gilbert Tanner.

I studied Electronics and Computer Science at the HTL Mössingerstraße from 2016 to 2021. I'm currently working as a Software Engineer at Dynatrace in Klagenfurt, Austria. Furthermore, I'm working on project 'HASCY – HTLs Asfinag Safety Cat', a rail-bound sledge for tunnel security, as a Project coordinator and Electronic Engineer. More information about my current work and projects can be found on LinkedIn and Github.

I started this blog to reinforce my own learning while providing value to people around the world. The blog is mainly focused on electronics and artificial intelligence, but I might also post about different subjects.

If you have any article requests or want to contact me about a particular topic, please send me an email or Twitter DM. I'm also open to collaborations regarding technical and freelance opportunities.

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