About me

My name is Gilbert Tanner. I am an Computer Science and Electronics student who loves Machine Learning and Data Science.

I started learning about Machine Learning about a year ago and since then I learned about a lot of topics and worked on multiple projects including building a Self Driving Car or creating a simple Surveillance System using Computer Vision.

About the same time I started learning about Machine Learning I decided to create a Youtube Channel and my personal blog to help other people learn Machine Learning.

Over the last year writing transformed to one of my favorite activities because it just feels good to create something that not only helps you but also a lot of other people.

Looking to the future

In the upcoming months and years I want to help make learning Machine Learning and other topics easier by providing lots of articles and videos showing of everything ranging from the theory behind algorithms to new technologies allowing us to work more effectively.

Furthermore I'm planning on further growing my educational outlet so that people can interact with each other and learn together.

Support me

Supporting me is easy. You can just subsribce to my Youtube Channel, follow me on Medium or my Newsletter. The newsletter doesn't have a fixed schedule(yet) will just be released whenever I find something worth sharing.

If you want to further support me by donating money you can to that on my BuyMeACoffee page. This would be wonderful but don't feel like you are obligated to do so in any way. Knowing that my content is helping someone is reward enough.